The arrival of budget airlines has revolutionised travel to Marrakech. In the past in order to travel to Marrakech, one had to fly into Casablanca and then endure a four hour journey on a narrow road from Casablanca to Marrakech.

Marrakech has attracted travellers for many nears. Westerners have always been keen to visit this enchanting city. Now you can travel to Marrakech in style or on a low budget. Some travellers wanting to explore Spain and Morocco choose to travel to Spain first, visit the Southern part of Spain and from there travel to Morocco via ferry into Tangier. You can then travel to Marrakech from Tangier by road, plane or train. Morocco has a good train system that connects all the major cities to each other. Choosing to travel to Marrakech by train though, may mean that journeys take a little longer, as the train system is quiet old. Marrakech Menara airport is currently being rebuilt to handle a large number of people. The new airport in Marrakech will be modern and make travelling to Marrakech a much better experience.

For your accommodation we can offer you Apartments in Marrakech, or a Hotel in Marrakech, or why not stay at in a Marrakech Riad.