If you are a fan of traditional Moroccan food than Marrakech has an array of restaurants that will appeal to your taste buds.

Moroccan cuisine is full of exotic tastes and offers vegetarian dishes, it is however, very limited. The good news is that Marrakech is quickly developing a larger diversity of Restaurants. As far as Moroccan cuisine goes, the main dishes are Couscous and the Tagine. Some restaurants offer a set menu which starts with a traditional Moroccan starter, consisting of a very large variety of small salad plates, similar to a Spanish Tapas. The Tajine is both the name of the clay pot that is served as well as the actual stew that is inside it. The Couscous is a coarsely ground semolina pasta and is usually served with vegetables and a meat such as chicken or lamb. There are also a number of vegetarian couscous dishes in Marrakech Restaurants. Marrakech has a special dish called the ‘Tangia’. It is both the name of a rounded earthenware pot and a delicious dish of mutton and spices which stews slowly, buried overnight in a hot ashes. This dish is only served in Marrakech Restaurants.

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Buying a Property in Morocco

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