Once upon a time capital of ancestral Morocco and one of the most important cultural and economic hubs of Africa, the city of Marrakech remains one of the best destinations in the world according to TripAdvisor. In its annual “Traveler’s choice awards”, the red city – as it’s nicknamed, has once again attracted travels and Internet users, placing it among the top destinations worldwide, trailing only behind the Turkish metropolis Istanbul and the city of London. After having been at the first place of the ranking in 2015, the city of Marrakech was overtaken by the British capital which has made an outstanding comeback – to put things in perspective, London ranked fifth last year.

Also in the same list, the cities of Paris ranked 4th followed by Siem Reap (5th), Prague (6th), Rome (7th), Hanoi (8th), New York (9th) and Bali (10th). Based on millions of travelers’ reviews, the TripAdvisor website ranks a number of 469 destinations from all over the globe. The winning destinations were chosen using an algorithm that takes into account the ratings of Internet users on the excellence of hotels services, tourist attractions and restaurants (including the quality of the local dishes).

Not a first for Marrakech!

This is not the first time that the red city claims a place among the most favorite tourist destinations online. In Fact, in 2014 and for the very first time, Marrakech occupied the first place in the annual ranking made by TripAdvisor, making it the most popular city in the world for travelers who uses the platform’s services. And by taking in consideration the elements that TripAdvisor uses to establish his ranking, it is safe to presume that the city has offered the best accommodation, cuisine, and tourist attraction as well as animations for its visitors that year.

Indeed, for the seventh edition of its Travelers’ Choice Awards, the famous site announced that the red city counted the highest ratings of Internet users in the areas of hospitality, catering, and attractions in comparison to other major cities in that list – this statement in itself is a proof of the success of the strategies aiming to optimize and reinforce the tourist infrastructure of Marrakech, adopted a few years ago by the local authorities, with the aim of making the red city one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

On a global scale.. In the second place was the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, followed by Istanbul. Other destinations in the Top 10 were Hanoi, Prague, London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Paris and finally the South African capital, Cape Town.

In the other hand and as further proof of the attractiveness of Morocco for foreign tourists, The Spanish agency Bloom Consulting in its ranking of the best tourist destinations in the world for the year 2014-2015, Morocco has claimed the third place on of podium – regarding African destinations. This ranking was based on the 328,680,000 online searches carried out by tourists in 2013, and the digital presence of countries on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus).

Morocco ranks 3rd in Africa just like the two years that preceded. South Africa was first in front of Egypt, which has backward because of political instability and civil unrests. Concerning the other countries of the Maghreb, Tunisia comes in the 7th position, while Algeria is far behind, in 26th position.

Morocco: a security oasis in the middle of a troubled region!

Morocco was able to successfully claim so many advanced positions within the leading global rankings thanks to the political will of making the city a global minaret when it comes to international travels and tourist destinations. Also, it is thanks to its political stability and the force of its security and intelligence services that the country was able to sustain its tourist offer, despite the tournaments and terrorist threats that face the entire region of MENA – the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, Morocco is still a safe country for French travelers – The French Secretary of Foreign Affairs has also placed the country among the safest destinations for travelers from France. In a new heatmap published by the group Quai d’Orsay on January the 12th of this year, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Turkey, and other areas of the world; France ranked countries by the degree of “security and safety” that they provide for foreign citizens. Only 40 destinations, including the kingdom of Morocco, was deemed safe and that they don’t pose any risk to tourists from France.

If they are not strongly advised against for the French tourist to visit, such as war-torn areas like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya… the French authorities call on their citizens to be more vigilant if they go to other parts of the Maghreb region (Algeria and Tunisia for instance). As for Turkey, a tourist destination par excellence, has been split by the French authorities into two parts: an area, close to Syria, where it is highly discouraged to travel – due to security concern and threats from terrorist organizations, and a safe western area that is open to tourism.

If this news delights the Moroccan officials, it has been the subject of controversy in the past. In the summer of 2014, following the creation of the Islamic State group (ISIS), the Quai d’Orsay had put Morocco in the yellow zone (increased vigilance). Following the indignant reactions of the kingdom, France subsequently attributed Morocco to the green zone, calling only its citizens to be vigilant to possible hostile acts against the citizens coming from the countries members of the coalition that’s currently fighting the radical group.

To summarize, Morocco and its main tourist attraction such as the city of Marrakech has proven, over time, its resilience and attractiveness as an A-list destination, worthy to be visited. The country comes with a load of the natural landscape, historical sites and millennials cities that allows travelers to experience a wide range of emotions. One of the most attractive destinations offered by the country is the southern regions with their sand dunes, Kasbah and breathtaking sunsets.


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