Marrakech Holiday, Morocco

As eternal as the snows on the highest peaks, as impressive as the Atlas mountains, as steeped in history as the palm trees are rooted in the Earth, Marrakech stands as the finishing touch to a picture of timeless beauty.

The mightiest kings fought for it, a line of dynasties inherited it, sages, craftsmen, architects, painters and sculptors of all ages built magnificent palaces, mosques, gardens and Koranic schools and today between you and your Marrakech Holiday is a three hour flight. Marrakech is the imperial city which, at the dawn of its history gave Morocco it’s name. The Berbers and the Arabs come together here, to mingle with the nomads and the mountain people. Every imaginable commodity abounds, craftsmanship flourishes, and there are palaces, hotels, restaurants, golf courses and a casino: Marrakech is the unchallenged capital of Southern Morocco, indeed a holiday to Morocco is not complete with out a Marrakech Holiday. For all the beauty gathered here in one thousand years, for the sheer joy of the senses, you cannot miss a Holiday to Marrakech.

Marrakech Riad

A Riad in Marrakech is the old traditional Moroccan house that you will find in the old city or the Medina. No two Riads in Marrakech are identical. Marrakech Riads are very deceiving from the outside, with little windows and usually a solid wood front door. Inside you’d be amazed to find a beautiful courtyard usually with a fountain in the middle. Usually planted around the Riad will be various trees. The rooms of the Riad are usually small and narrow. Some Riads in Marrakech Medina are hundreds of years old. Most Riads in Marrakech are two stories high, some are three stories high with balconies overlooking the garden and terraces with views across the rooftops of Marrakech.

Marrakech Holiday Homes, Morocco

The market for holiday homes in Marrakech is a well established one. The majority of these holiday homes are in the Gueliz or Hivernage areas of Marrakech. The majority of these Marrakech holiday homes tend to be in buildings that have a swimming pool. Most of the time, the swimming pool is external, but there are a number of Marrakech Holiday homes in buildings with internal, heated pools, and in some cases these buildings also have a gym and a hamam. Cityred® offers a taxi pick up service to pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your Marrakech Holiday Apartment.

Marrakech Restaurants, Morocco

If you are a fan of traditional Moroccan food than Marrakech has an array of restaurants that will appeal to your taste buds. Moroccan cuisine is full of exotic tastes and offers vegetarian dishes, it is however, very limited. The good news is that Marrakech is quickly developing a larger diversity of Restaurants. As far as Moroccan cuisine goes, the main dishes are Couscous and the Tagine. Some restaurants offer a set menu which starts with a traditional Moroccan starter, consisting of a very large variety of small salad plates, similar to a Spanish Tapas. The Tajine is both the name of the clay pot that is served as well as the actual stew that is inside it. The Couscous is a coarsely ground semolina pasta and is usually served with vegetables and a meat such as chicken or lamb. There are also a number of vegetarian couscous dishes in Marrakech Restaurants. Marrakech has a special dish called the ‘Tangia’. It is both the name of a rounded earthenware pot and a delicious dish of mutton and spices which stews slowly, buried overnight in a hot ashes. This dish is only served in Marrakech Restaurants.

Marrakech Excursions, Morocco

With the mountains only 20 minutes away, the sea side resort of Essaouira only 2 and a half hours, and the desert just three hours away from Marrakech, why not explore these wonderful locations while you are here and go out on an excursion in Marrakech. While you are on holiday in Marrakech, you can go on a desert safari, or a voyage to the Kasbahs of the mountains around Marrakech. Whether you are on your own and wanting some adventure, or a couple wanting some romance and intimacy, or a group of friends wanting to have some fun, a Marrakech Excursion can really be a huge break from the norm and an opportunity to explore Marrakech and it’s surrounding areas.

Marrakech Driver, Morocco

Driving in Marrakech can be quiet a mission as many people do not stick to the traffic laws. Add to this the narrow roads leading to the villages around Marrakech, it might be better to hire a car and a driver to take you around. If you are quite a large party, you can hire a people carrier, with a private Chauffeur. Private chauffer’s in Marrakech have mushroomed over the past few years, but not all drivers speak English.

Exotic Weddings in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a truly unique location for an exotic wedding. No matter what time of year you plan to have your wedding, Marrakech is a city that will impress your guests. The many luxurious Riads in Marrakech are a perfect venue for a wedding to be remembered. Can you imagine entering a Riad that is light solely by candles all around, where you can hear the therapeutic sound of water from the central water fountain, where the sweet scent of rose petal invades the whole Riad. Having your wedding here in Marrakech is not only a unique experience but a truly magical one. What can be more exotic that entertaining your guests in a Moroccan Riad, around a central garden and a water fountain covered with rose petals. And to entertain your guests in your Marrakech Exotic Wedding, there will be a band playing soothing Andalusian music. There is no shortage of style in flare in Marrakech, you can be sure to have an exotic wedding that is not like any other.

Exotic Honeymoon in Marrakech, Morocco

Romantic honeymoons is the dream of every couple. You really want to go to a location that will give you the privacy to be intimate, but at the same time you want to experience a new culture and enjoy the climate. Marrakech is a dream come true for honeymooners. In your privately hired Riad in Marrakech, you are alone, just the two of you. You can have as many maids as you wish, they will be discreet, almost invisible leaving you to enjoy your honeymoon in Marrakech, but on hand to offer you whatever you may need. Marrakech is a place where you can be in many different worlds all at the same time. So if you ever get bored of being in a secluded location during your honeymoon, they you can go into the Marrakech Medina, amongst the hustle and bustle of the souk. There are also a number of out of town retreats where you can enjoy midday massages and late night cocktails during your honeymoon in Marrakech.

Marrakech Birthday Party, Morocco

Marrakech has become one of the world’s trendiest and hip cities. Sir Winston Churchill described it as the ‘most lovely spot in the whole world’. It is not uncommon to meet a movie star while on holiday to Marrakech. Just visit any antique store in the Medina and you will see pictures of the rich and famous that have been Marrakech Medina. So would you just love to have your Birthday party in this magical city? A birthday party in Marrakech is sure to impress your guests like no other city in the world. And one of the best things about having a Marrakech birthday party is that it does not have to cost a bomb. With venues like Plage Rouge and the Pacha complex, you can have a birthday party in Marrakech around the swimming pool and watch the sunset go down. Or on an evening in one of the many trendy and fashionable restaurants that have a VIP lounge suitable for a Birthday Party in Marrakech.

Corporate Events in Marrakech, Morocco

Treat your staff to an extra ordinary corporate events venue that will offer them sun, relaxation and natural healing. Marrakech with its year round sun, exclusive hotels, business centres, and many team building opportunities makes a perfect and untapped location for corporate hospitality. Team building exercising in the UK and Europe are restricted to indoor venues for most part of the year, so how about a location that can allow your staff to both bond as well as enjoy the scenery and beauty of Marrakech. Take them quad biking in the Palmeriea of Marrakech, or jet skiing in the Barrage, or mountain climbing in the outskirts of Marrakech or you can teach them how to cook Moroccan food, Marrakech is a truly special location when it comes to Corporate Events, Corporate Hospitality and Corporate Entertainment.

Marrakech Weather, Morocco

Ask about the weather at any time of year in Marrakech and you can pretty much predict sunshine. Even when there is a cold Atlantic wind, the sun is still there to absorb it. The weather in Marrakech can be pretty chilly in Winter, especially at night. Marrakech gets a maximum of 15 days rain, and in most cases a week of rain only! The best time of year to be in Marrakech, is when the weather is hot but not boiling, which tends to be between March and June.

Travel to Marrakech, Morocco

The arrival of budget airlines has revolutionised travel to Marrakech. In the past in order to travel to Marrakech, one had to fly into Casablanca and then endure a four hour journey on a narrow road from Casablanca to Marrakech. Marrakech has attracted travellers for many nears. Westerners have always been keen to visit this enchanting city. Now you can travel to Marrakech in style or on a low budget. Some travellers wanting to explore Spain and Morocco choose to travel to Spain first, visit the Southern part of Spain and from there travel to Morocco via ferry into Tangier. You can then travel to Marrakech from Tangier by road, plane or train. Morocco has a good train system that connects all the major cities to each other. Choosing to travel to Marrakech by train though, may mean that journeys take a little longer, as the train system is quiet old. Marrakech Menara airport is currently being rebuilt to handle a large number of people. The new airport in Marrakech will be modern and make travelling to Marrakech a much better experience.

Flights to Marrakech, Morocco

Flying to Marrakech has never been easier. All the major cities in the UK have direct flights into Marrakech. From London to Marrakech, you can fly from both Gatwick and Heathrow. If you live in North London, then it might be easier to fly from Luton to Marrakech. All the major no-frills airlines like Easyjet and Thomson fly directly into Marrakech. There are also a couple of airlines that only fly into Marrakech like Atlas Blue from Gatwick to Marrakech. There are also flights direct from Manchester to Marrakech on Thomson. If you are travelling from Paris to Marrakech, then there are a number of flights every single day from Paris to Marrakech. In peak holiday season there could be up to 3 flights per day from Paris to Marrakech. The flight journey into Marrakech from most UK cities is approximately three and a half hours. In the summer, there is a one hour time difference between the UK and Morocco, however, in the winter Morocco it is the same as GMT.

Marrakech Map, Morocco

Marrakech can be split into six main areas, namely: Medina South, Medina North, the Kasbah & Mellah, Gueliz, and finally Hivernage. There are a number of touristic maps of Marrakech that split the city very clearly. You can pick up one of these maps at the airport or buy a map of Marrakech from the many kiosks close to most tourist sites. Many English travel guide books include a map of Marrakech and highlights all the major touristic sites and places of interest. Marrakech is in fact quite a compact city where you are able to see all the major parts by foot, and therefore a map of Marrakech can be extremely useful. The old Medina of Marrakech is a city in it’s own right and requires a special map as it is extremely easy to get lost in the Medina. Many Marrakech Riads meet their guests at the airport and take them to the Riad directly, it is not uncommon for guest to find it difficult to get back to the Riad once they are out! So if you are staying in the Medina make sure to keep a map of Marrakech with you at all times.

Marrakech Medina, Morocco

The Medina of Marrakech is surrounded by a 28 km long wall, that is 9 metres high and has 20 gates. At the heart of Marrakech Medina is the infamous square called Jemma el Fna. This Square in the Medina of Marrakech is over looked by the minerate of Al Koutobia mosque. The square features spectacles and extravaganzas’ all day and night. The Medina of Marrakech is a UNESCO world heritage site. The souks of the Medina start from Jemma el Fna square. There are quite a large number of cafes and restaurants around the square. In the Medina the souks are split into different crafts, for example, one street would dedicated to leather products, one clay and one for clothing. When shopping in Marrakech Medina, it is important to remember that prices are not fixed and that there is huge room for negotiation. Traders and shop owners of Marrakech Medina are extremely shroud and will do everything to lure you into their shops, they will charm you with their English. A visit to the Medina of Marrakech is a truly authentic experience and a brilliant opportunity to take make some suvinieors with you. You can find some amazing clay Tagines in the Medina, which is the perfect gift to take back with you. Another major gift that is sold in Marrakech Medina are the very colourful Moroccan slippers. These are mainly female slippers but there is also a small selection of male slippers. In Marrakech these slippers are made locally using local leather. If you are wanting to busy something really fancy from Marrakech Medina then why not but a ‘Kaftan’ which is the traditional dress of Moroccan women. These tend to be extremely glamorous and in recent years a number of young Moroccan designers have introduced very stylish and modern designs that can be bought in the Medina of Marrakech.

Marrakech Spa & Hammam, Morocco

A Moroccan hamam is pretty much a traditional public bath. Historically before internal plumbing was made available in the country, Moroccans used to bath in the Hamams. Today Hamams in Morocco are more a place to interact socially with friends. Hamams in Marrakech tend to have three rooms: one cool, one hot and one very hot. The idea is to start with the hot room first and then start going to the cooler rooms. Marrakech hamams are mainly in the Medina although many hotels in Marrakech have luxurious style hamams or Spas. Spas in Marrakech offer massages, traditional Berber massages and scrubs.

Marrakech Golf Holiday, Morocco

King Hassan II, Morocco’s previous king was a golf fanatic, and used to like playing in Marrakech in particular. Building golf courses in Marrakech has become part of the Kings vision for a master-plan of tourism in Morocco. The main golf course in Marrakech is Amelkis. Designed by American Cabell B Robinson, Amelkis golf course in Marrakech has 18 holes, 72 par. This golf course in Marrakech is a highly acclaimed 18 hole golf course with a very low density of building on a huge plot. There are two other golf courses being developed on the fringes of Marrakech. The most notable one being an 18 hole course within the Samanah Development on Amizmiz road, about 9 km from central Marrakech. In Rabat, there is the Dar EsSalam Royal Golf Course which is also the venue each November for the annual King Hassan II Trophy. In Marrakech every April sees the Open du Maroc in Amelkis. Another highly acclaimed golf course in Marrakech is the Palmeraie Golf Palace, again 18 holes, par 72 course, designed by Robert Trent Jones. It is part of the Palmeraie touristic resorts which has a hotel, a number of restaurants, night clubs and swimming pools.

Oukaimeden Marrakech Ski Resort, Morocco

Oukaimeden is about an hour’s drive from Marrakech, is Africa’s largest ski resort and has the continent’s highest lift. It is a relatively short and easy drive from Marrakech, and has luxury accommodation. The skiing season in Marrakech starts in late December and can continue into May. However, the best time to go is in January and February. In Oukaimeden, the chalets and winter sports facilities are in the village itself surrounded by mountain peaks. Oukaimeden skiing in Marrakech also offers long-distance and cross-country skiing. In summer Oukaimeden is also the starting point for mountain hikes. Dubai based property development company Emaar, has recently announced a multibillion-pound investment in Oukaimeden. On their website they say Located in the Atlas Mountains, Oukaimeden, the valley of four winds, is set to become the ultimate four season mountain destination for recreation, entertainment, relaxation and residence as well as being the Middle East and Africa’s only golf and ski resort.

In keeping with Berber design and architecture of the great Atlas Mountains, Oukaimeden village will combine commercial, office, retail, entertainment and dining amenities with a full range of residential options to choose from. With 2,000 hotel rooms, more than 300 retail units and 25,000 sq. metres of business and conference facilities planned, Oukaimeden will be a year round hive of activity.

Marrakech Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Seen from Marrakech, the vast, imposing mass of the snow-capped mountains seems unreal and distant. Yet, the splendour, other-worldliness and imposing might of the constant changing Atlas landscape are only 20 kilometres away. Just head out South East of Marrakech through the friendly Berber villages of Aghmat and Dar Caid Ouriki in the Atlas Mountains. Follow the road bordered with terraced gardens along Wadi Ourika until you reach Arhbalou. From there on, the choice is simply limitless. East of Marrakech, in the Atlas mountains, water is everywhere. The Ouzoud Falls of the Atlas are an amazing sight not to be missed.

The Red City

The sun bathes Marrakech in light. The natural ground colour of marrakech is a pinkish red and all it’s buildings have been painted with the same pinkish red. This is why Marrakech is known as the ‘Red City’. The Red City of Marrakech has a sense of mystery and a special charm not found anywhere else so close to Europe.

Marrakech the Red City

No other city in Morocco attracts this many tourists as Marrakech the Red City does. It is not uncommon to bump into a famous holywood star while you are walking around the souk of the red city or in one of Marrakech’s many luxury Riads and Hotels.

Marrakech Property for Sale

With over 350 days of sun per year, and only 3 hours flight from London, interest in Marrakech Property is on the rise. Ever since no-frills airlines started flying into Marrakech, investors have realised the importance of Marrakech Property for both investment and as holiday homes. There are tens of Villa and Apartment developments throughout the Marrakech area, and the majority of them are still off-plan, and are due to increase in value dramatically as the demand for Marrakech Property continues to rise. Despite the slow down of the international property market, there is still a very strong interest of investors in the Marrakech Real Estate market.

Many visitors to Morocco fall in love with this amazing country and decide to buy property in Morocco. Please visit these links for information on Morocco Property or Property for Sale in Morocco, and on all aspects of buying a property in Morocco and the types of Moroccan Properties for sale.