The market for holiday homes in Marrakech is a well established one. The majority of these holiday homes are in the Gueliz or Hivernage areas of Marrakech. The majority of these Marrakech holiday homes tend to be in buildings that have a swimming pool. Most of the time, the swimming pool is external, but there are a number of Marrakech Holiday homes in buildings with internal, heated pools, and in some cases these buildings also have a gym and a hammam. Cityred® offers a taxi pick up service to pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your Marrakech Holiday Home. You can search for Morocco Holiday Villas here.

“Villas for Sale in Marrakech”, Morocco

There are numerous developments through out Marrakech offering villas for sale. The majority of these villas for sale in Marrakech are still off-plan but there are many villa developments that are on the verge of being completed within the coming months. Buying a villa in Marrakech is a dream come true for anyone looking for an exotic location so close to Europe. Villas for sale in Marrakech range from £100,000 to millions of pounds depending on the location, the specifications and size. Villas for sale in Marrakech tend to be on the outer edges of the city, in quiet middle class neighbourhoods. In terms of style there are what are typical Moroccan style villas and European style villas for sale in Marrakech.

Apartments for Sale in Marrakech, Morocco

The majority of apartments for sale in Marrakech are in the new cities or ‘Ville Nouvelle’ in French. Sensible planning laws within Moroccan cities such as a maximum of five floors per apartment block, and the provision of underground parking has meant that many apartments for sale in Marrakech are in high quality and nicely designed buildings.

Own a Holiday Home in Marrakech, Morocco

With prices of holiday homes nearly half of what you would pay for holiday homes in Spain, why rent when you can own your own private holiday home in Marrakech. Marrakech offers some of the most beautiful and elegant villas in the world. Marrakech holiday homes have recently been featured in some of the top style and fashion magazines. Now imagine the chance to own magnificent Marrakech Holiday Home, where you can enjoy over 350 days of sun every year.

For your accommodation we can offer you Apartments in Marrakech, or a Hotel in Marrakech, or why not stay at in a Marrakech Riad.

Buying a Property in Morocco

Many visitors to Morocco fall in love with this amazing country and decide to buy property in Morocco. Please visit these links for information on Morocco Property or Property for Sale in Morocco, and on all aspects of buying a property in Morocco and the types of Moroccan Properties for sale.