How to get to Morocco ?

Travel by boat

The shortest journeys of course leave from Spain, run by Transmediterranea which provides daily links between Algesiras-Ceuta in 35 minutes and Algesiras-Tangier in two hours 30 minutes. Malaga has a link to the enclave of Melilla (8hrs) and Almería (10hrs).

Ferry To and From France

Not a cheap option to get to Morocco, but you can take your car and it saves a long drive down to Spain. Ferries go from Sete (France) to Tangier (Morocco) all year round. The trip takes about 36 hours and the ferries have restaurants, nightclubs, beds and shops on board. During the summer months (June to September) services are also available from Sete (France) to Nador (Morocco) and from Port Vendres (France) to Tangier (Morocco).

Ferry To and From Gibraltar

Ferries go from Gibraltar to Tangier (Morocco) twice a week and the trip takes 80 minutes.

Ferry To and From Italy

Ferries go from Genoa (Italy) to Tangier (Morocco). The trip lasts 48 hours and the ferries go about every six days.

Travel By Land

The border between Algeria and Morocco is closed and you cannot cross it. The border with Mauritania is open but it is complicated to get across, especially if you are using public transport.

The trans-Saharan route via Mauritania is now the most popular route from North Africa into sub-Saharan Africa, and hundreds of adventurous souls do it every year.

The route into Mauritania runs from Dakhla south along the coast for 460km to Nouâdhibou across the border and then south along the coast to the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott. It’s advisable to fill up with petrol at every available station. Some stations south of Dakhla may be out of fuel, in particular, the last station 50km before the border.

Note: You can buy both bus and train tickets from many cities in Europe to travel to Morocco. Obviously you will still use a ferry service to cross the Straits of Gibraltar but your ticket will include this crossing as well as transport to your destination in Morocco. Eurolines is a reputable bus company that offers fares to various destinations in Morocco. For train tickets, here’s a sample fare and schedule from London to Morocco. An InterRail pass also includes Morocco as well as 28 other European countries.

Come by plane

There are 15 airports so you can land as close as possible to your final destination: Agadir, Al Hoceima, Casablanca, Dakhla, Essaouira, Errachidia, Fez, Laâyoune, Marrakech, Nador, Ouarzazate, Oujda, Rabat-Salé, Tangier and Tétouan. Royal Air Maroc and European airlines run regular services and there are many charter flights for easy access to tourist destinations.

Aer Lingus — Flies weekly from Dublin to Agadir.

Easyjet  — Now fly from London, Manchester and Milan to Marrakech and Casablanca.

Ryanair  — Has signed an agreement with the Moroccan government and flies to Morocco from Bergamo, Girona, Reus, Bremen, Madrid, Brussels, Frankfurt-Hahn, Eindhoven,London, Porto. Flying to Fez 3 times per week. Flights to Marrakesh are also available. A Bergamo-Tangier route has been opened in July 2009.

Royal Air Maroc  — The state airline, which drastically needs a price cut.

Air Arabia Maroc Air Arabia Maroc, owned by Air Arabia, is another low cost carrier which fly to other Moroccan destinations aswell as France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium,Germany Tunisia and Turkey.

Jet 4 You  — A new low-cost carrier with extremely cheap tickets from France and Belgium.

Aigle Azur — A small North-African carrier with reasonable rates.

Thomson fly  — Flights from Manchester to Marrakech and are very reasonably priced.

Binter Canarias — Flights from Canary Islands to Marrakech.

Emirates — Flights from Dubai to Casablanca.

Egypt Air — Flights from Cairo to Casablanca.

British Airways

Air France


Travel by car

The only open border posts on land are the ones at the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. The frontier with Algeria has been closed for ten years. For the closest maritime connection you head for Algeciras or Tarifa in southern Spain. At Algeciras there are ferry services to Ceuta and Tangier that carry cars. Tarifa has a similar service to Tangier and this is the shortest and fastest route, just 35 minutes.

It’s possible also to enter Mauritania by car from Dakhla. Most countries’ citizens need a visa to get in Mauritania which is available at the Mauritanian embassy in Rabat (visas are no longer issued at the border).

It might be hard to get into Morocco with a commercial vehicle. Campervans are acceptable (but they must look like a camper van), but other commercial vehicles might get turned around and prevented from travelling onwards.

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