Flying to Marrakech has never been easier. All the major cities in the UK have direct flights into Marrakech.

From London to Marrakech, you can fly from both Gatwick and Heathrow. If you live in North London, then it might be easier to fly from Luton to Marrakech. All the major no-frills airlines like Easyjet and Thomson fly directly into Marrakech. There are also a couple of airlines that only fly into Marrakech like Atlas Blue from Gatwick to Marrakech. There are also flights direct from Manchester to Marrakech on Thomson. If you are travelling from Paris to Marrakech, then there are a number of flights every single day from Paris to Marrakech. In peak holiday season there could be up to 3 flights per day from Paris to Marrakech. The flight journey into Marrakech from most UK cities is approximately three and a half hours. In the summer, there is a one hour time difference between the UK and Morocco, however, in the winter Morocco it is the same as GMT.

The following Airlines Fly into Marrakesh from the UK
Atlas Blue
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