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Moroco Weather

Morocco Travel Weather and Marrakech Desert Tours Climate in one of the biggest land presented by culture and history beside the different weather of cities:

1-Marrakech city tour ,all times sunny and bright ,warm to have hammam and spa after your desert tours and excursions to atlas mountains.


2-Fes medina tour ,it’s a beautiful city guided by the warm and hot climate in the city whole year that is something helpful for tourists to visit the city 1/5day trip and 1day trip with  local guides.


3-SAHARA DESERT TOURS in Merzouga that presented by ERG CHEBBI and Mhamid that presented by ERG CHIGAGA ,the weather in sahara general hot or very hot and kill all kinds of virus and sickness as corona virus and romatism as well ,that’s why the guides and most of tour companies in morocco started to organise trips from marrakech to sahara desert 2/3/4/5/7/10/14days whole year 2020 and New Years 2021/2022…


4- Casablanca Tours time and weather ,it is a tropical and a great during whole life and experience of visiting medina or start trips from casablanca to chefchaouen,tangier,sahara desert,fes,merzouga,ouarzazate,chigaga and agadir with essaouira during 7/8/9/10/14/15days trip in morocco.


5-Weather in Essaouira , Eljadida , Agadir ,Tangier , Essaidia , Tetouan ,Ed dakhla , Safi Atlantic cities Excursions from the port to other cities as Rabat , Casablanca , Chefchaouen , Marrakech day trips…


Most of day tours from morocco ports CASABLANCA,AGADIR,TANGIER to explore MARRAKECH ,CHEFCHAOUEN ,RABAT ,ESSAOUIRA ,FES medinas guided by international cruises as TUI , MSC , CAREBEAN SHIP…

How to get to Morocco ?

Travel by boat

The shortest journeys of course leave from Spain, run by Transmediterranea which provides daily links between Algesiras-Ceuta in 35 minutes and Algesiras-Tangier in two hours 30 minutes. Malaga has a link to the enclave of Melilla (8hrs) and Almería (10hrs).

Ferry To and From France

Not a cheap option to get to Morocco, but you can take your car and it saves a long drive down to Spain. Ferries go from Sete (France) to Tangier (Morocco) all year round. The trip takes about 36 hours and the ferries have restaurants, nightclubs, beds and shops on board. During the summer months (June to September) services are also available from Sete (France) to Nador (Morocco) and from Port Vendres (France) to Tangier (Morocco).

Ferry To and From Gibraltar

Ferries go from Gibraltar to Tangier (Morocco) twice a week and the trip takes 80 minutes.

Ferry To and From Italy

Ferries go from Genoa (Italy) to Tangier (Morocco). The trip lasts 48 hours and the ferries go about every six days.

Travel By Land

The border between Algeria and Morocco is closed and you cannot cross it. The border with Mauritania is open but it is complicated to get across, especially if you are using public transport.

The trans-Saharan route via Mauritania is now the most popular route from North Africa into sub-Saharan Africa, and hundreds of adventurous souls do it every year.

The route into Mauritania runs from Dakhla south along the coast for 460km to Nouâdhibou across the border and then south along the coast to the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott. It’s advisable to fill up with petrol at every available station. Some stations south of Dakhla may be out of fuel, in particular, the last station 50km before the border.

Note: You can buy both bus and train tickets from many cities in Europe to travel to Morocco. Obviously you will still use a ferry service to cross the Straits of Gibraltar but your ticket will include this crossing as well as transport to your destination in Morocco. Eurolines is a reputable bus company that offers fares to various destinations in Morocco. For train tickets, here’s a sample fare and schedule from London to Morocco. An InterRail pass also includes Morocco as well as 28 other European countries.

Come by plane

There are 15 airports so you can land as close as possible to your final destination: Agadir, Al Hoceima, Casablanca, Dakhla, Essaouira, Errachidia, Fez, Laâyoune, Marrakech, Nador, Ouarzazate, Oujda, Rabat-Salé, Tangier and Tétouan. Royal Air Maroc and European airlines run regular services and there are many charter flights for easy access to tourist destinations.

Aer Lingus — Flies weekly from Dublin to Agadir.

Easyjet  — Now fly from London, Manchester and Milan to Marrakech and Casablanca.

Ryanair  — Has signed an agreement with the Moroccan government and flies to Morocco from Bergamo, Girona, Reus, Bremen, Madrid, Brussels, Frankfurt-Hahn, Eindhoven,London, Porto. Flying to Fez 3 times per week. Flights to Marrakesh are also available. A Bergamo-Tangier route has been opened in July 2009.

Royal Air Maroc  — The state airline, which drastically needs a price cut.

Air Arabia Maroc Air Arabia Maroc, owned by Air Arabia, is another low cost carrier which fly to other Moroccan destinations aswell as France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium,Germany Tunisia and Turkey.

Jet 4 You  — A new low-cost carrier with extremely cheap tickets from France and Belgium.

Aigle Azur — A small North-African carrier with reasonable rates.

Thomson fly  — Flights from Manchester to Marrakech and are very reasonably priced.

Binter Canarias — Flights from Canary Islands to Marrakech.

Emirates — Flights from Dubai to Casablanca.

Egypt Air — Flights from Cairo to Casablanca.

British Airways

Air France


Travel by car

The only open border posts on land are the ones at the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. The frontier with Algeria has been closed for ten years. For the closest maritime connection you head for Algeciras or Tarifa in southern Spain. At Algeciras there are ferry services to Ceuta and Tangier that carry cars. Tarifa has a similar service to Tangier and this is the shortest and fastest route, just 35 minutes.

It’s possible also to enter Mauritania by car from Dakhla. Most countries’ citizens need a visa to get in Mauritania which is available at the Mauritanian embassy in Rabat (visas are no longer issued at the border).

It might be hard to get into Morocco with a commercial vehicle. Campervans are acceptable (but they must look like a camper van), but other commercial vehicles might get turned around and prevented from travelling onwards.

Southern Morocco : the land of charme

Land of contrasts, the Moroccan south offers countless opportunities for discovery and escapades. From the hectic souks of Marrakech to the infinite spaces of the Sahara Desert, from the snow-capped High Atlas to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast, you will not remain insensitive to the riches of southern Morocco.

Tumbled with practical details and regularly updated, this article is intended to help you prepare your trip in southern Morocco. Comprising historical and cultural information for all those who knew a little more about Berber customs and traditions; On the architecture represented in particular by the kasbahs, these large mansions made of typical land of the south of Morocco; Or by the riads, these garden houses which open to you for a dream trip in the heart of the medina of Marrakech.


Originally a Berber hamlet of the 17th century, perched on a small hill at 1105 m altitude, the village of Taourirt and its most famous kasbah are the geographic cradle of the current Ouarzazate.

The heart of the city, which dates back to the time of the protectorate, stretches from the bus station to the kasbah of Taourirt and articulates along the boulevards Mohammed V and Moulay Rachid where there are most services. Dominating the city, close to the historic center, Avenue Mansour Eddahbi hosts some great hotels.

The cinema occupies a position in its own right in the economic landscape of Ouarzazate and its region. At the exit of the city, on the road of Marrakech, the studios Cla and Atlas Corporation open their doors to the visitors, thus discovering some decors having served to the shoots of Astérix Mission Cleopatra, the Diamond of the Nile, the hill has eyes , Ben Hur, Kingdom of Heaven …

Town tour

Although Ouarzazate does not possess a vast historical heritage and few museums, this city deserves more than the simple role of city stage that is generally attributed to it.

From the authentic character of its souks, to the artificial decorations of its cinema studios, walks in the verdant palm grove and strolling through the labyrinth of pieces of the Taourirt Kasbah, Ouarzazate has plenty of places to discover.

The palm grove of Ouarzazate extends from Lake Al Mansour to the outskirts of the studios on the other side of the city. It is a patchwork of small agricultural parcels sinuées of paths which invite us to charming walks.

In full growth, the leisure offer of Ouarzazate strives to meet the needs of the inhabitants of the city and tourists. If finding a restaurant in Ouarzazate for its taste is fairly simple, the nightlife enthusiasts are less well off except for a few hotel clubs.

Taroudant, the little Marrakech of the Atlas

In the heart of the plain of Souss, more than 7 km of ramparts surround the medina of Taroudant, first capital of the Saadian sultans in the XVIth Century.

The town is famous for its leather craftsmanship, wrought iron and silver Berber jewelry, while the tanners are busy daily around the vats outside the ramparts towards Bab Targhount.

Set against the backdrop of the high Atlas mountains, Taroudant, a medieval city in the heart of a fertile valley, is a great base for discovering the mountain trails of the hinterland, palm groves, including Tioute, 30 km away. The plain opens to the ocean towards the west at about 80 km.

The tower of the ramparts of Taroudant

The current ramparts of Taroudant, erected of successive bastions and pierced by 5 doors, the main one being Bab el Kasbah, date from the beginning of the 18th century, the old walls having been destroyed. Subsequently, the ramparts were continually restored until the beginning of the 20th century by the successive masters of Taroudant.

Throughout the hours, the tint of the 7 km of ramparts that surround Taroudant varies from a golden brown to a warm purple. They can easily be reached on foot, by bicycle or by horse-drawn carriage. In several places of the raised gardens contribute to highlight them.

The Medina

The ramparts encircle a medina of 3 km²; 5 doors, some of which are accessible only to pedestrians and bicycles, open access to the heart of the city …

The terraces of al-Alaouyine place offer tasty breakfasts from the early morning and at lunchtime a traditional Moroccan cuisine, grills or sandwiches to enjoy on the run.

Quiet days at the Erg Chebbi

It is in the south-east of Morocco that the high dunes of the erg Chebbi stretch, attraction of an adventure tourism, of which the village of Merzouga draws its main economic development.

The center of the village, flanked by a wide non-bitumen artery were mostly cross-country vehicles intersect, knows this nonchalance that may have the Saharan localities. The small cafes, bordering the artery, serve at all hours the traditional mint tea without forgetting the refreshing drinks especially welcome under a lead sun.

Only a few meters away, the desert rises majestically, offering an exceptional panorama in ocher colors varying according to the sparkling curve of the sun. Merzouga is a privileged destination of southern Morocco for who wants to experience the desert. The multitude of inns, present all along the dunes, organizes without exception dromedary rides in the erg Chebbi.

To come to Merzouga to attend the sunrises and sunsets, on these ships of the desert, constitutes the major event that will be engraved in the memory of each one. Some people prefer to spend the night in a bivouac. The nomad tents scattered in the dunes, which only the camel drivers know perfectly the route, wait wisely their hosts under a starry sky in an absolute calm.

In the vicinity of Merzouga, we discover a surprising lake, Lake Srji Dayet, in this hamada of black stones surrounding the dunes, where flamingos come to rest there, from June to September, during migrations between Europe And Madagascar. Nomads planted Berber tents in goat or dromedary hair, for a mild season, before returning to less arid plains during the summer.

Why Everyone Should Visit Morocco

Why Everyone Should Visit Morocco?

The old Medinas, the mountains, the Saharan dunes, the aroma of spices … all this is within a welcoming, warm and attractive country: The Moroccan Kingdom!

The Mecca of travel in the 60s and 70s, Morocco is still a fascinating blend of Islamic, Arab, African, Berber cultures with an imposing french touch. Take a look at some peaceful towns, breathtaking scenery, excellent beaches, good quality trekking, lots of interesting shops where there is something for everyone. Moroccans are predominantly Muslim but not too obsessive about it, flights are now readily available to Marrakech as well as to Casablanca.

This North African country receives thousands of visitors around the world for many reasons, which we will attempt to cite on this article.

Morocco is at the center of the world, sort-off!

All flights to Marrakech takes only a few hours from Europe which makes Morocco a close and easily accessible destination. It is also an ideal place for a wonderful weekend, at any time of the year. You can climb the Atlas Mountains on a Saturday, spend a night under the stars of the Sahara and hit the souks on Sunday. This sherifian kingdom will offer you a dream-like getaway!

Morocco is not expensive:

Morocco can be a destination for small budgets, especially in the winter months. You can book a hotel at less than 20 Euro per night! Or spend nights in a traditional Riad with a sublime decoration and a pleasant setting in the center of the medina less than 50 Euro all inclusive. Food prices vary from city to city, but this is really cheap when a meal in a respected restaurant will cost you less than 4 Euro.

Morocco is a haven of geographical diversity:

Dive into the Atlas Mountains for a true taste of Berber culture. You will have the opportunity to discover extraordinary landscapes and smiling people through small villages. Morocco is a favorite spot for hikers, thousands of people come to the country each year to spend their days trekking, and spend nights under the stars, eating meals cooked at home in comfortable lodgings.

Morocco is a coastal country:

Morocco is also the sea, with impressive coastal cities. Essaouira is located just west of Marrakech and it is close enough for a day trip. Enjoy the local seafood by strolling through the old Portuguese port, and have a look at the medina. If you fancy a swim in the sun and a nice beach, Agadir is a good address to the southwest.

Moroccan gastronomy is one of the best in the world:

Moroccan cuisine is known throughout the world. Rich in taste and full of colors. Tajines and couscous, two tasty dishes, but there is also much more to discover. Head to Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakech, a large square that fills up with food stalls at night, to taste all that is delicious in Moroccan cuisine.

Lamb is by far the most popular meat in the country, it is the basis of a variety of Moroccan meals. Vegetables and spices are a real enriching cuisine. Also try the Harira (famous soup of Ramadan) or the Bissara (white bean soup).

The climate in Morocco:

The best period for your stay is between September -October, March and May. Good period: the winter months, November to February, are generally sunny and warm, except in the north or towards the mountains. The least suitable period is between July and August when the temperature can hit up to 40 ° C, although it can be very good on the coast.

The main attractions of Morocco:

Marrakech is home to some splendid buildings usually pink in color, especially traditional riads, museums and a large covered souk (market) – The best place to find quality handicrafts in Morocco as well as excellent local cuisine.

Fez is the oldest imperial city in Morocco and the largest medina in the entire world, with many old period walls and ancient gates. You will be able to lose yourself in the medieval labyrinth of 10,000 small streets of the city.

Another beautiful ancient city – Meknes, is a day trip from Fès.

In Erfoud or Zagora you can go see the dunes on the edge of the Sahara desert, and stay two or three days or more to get a real idea of ​​the place and local lifestyle. The beautiful Ziz valley in Erfoud – then Merzouga and the Sahara desert all have their own charme.  Up on the Atlas mountains sailing is fairly easy, the roads are deserted and gives you a spectacular views.

The city of Essaouira in the other hand is strongly recommended for a peaceful seaside scene. Try this pretty fishing port with blue and white walls. To get there there is a spectacular road and it will take a few hours drive from Marrakech.

Casablanca is a large modern city with little ethnic interest but the largest mosque in the world and the old quarter are worth a look.

Rabat, the capital and seat of government, is smaller than Casablanca and much easier to access for visits. The city is peaceful, without problems, beautiful architecture and presence of pleasant cafes is highly celebrated.

Tangier, main port of Morocco and only one hour’s ferry from Spain has some interesting structures and a beautiful market down the old town. It is the ideal transit point to have an avant-garde of the magic ff the rest of Morocco.

The desert of Sahara:

This notorious desert that stretches over North Africa is the size of the United States, but made only about 25% from sand. The rest is made up of volcanic hills, rocks and gravel plains and vegetation that houses about 300 species of birds and animals such as mongooses, snakes, jackals, hares, roe deer, foxes and even baboons.

The experience of the desert is not to be missed, but preferably to be done on camel back and for a duration of two days, including sleeping under the stars, an unforgettable moment.

Useful information:

Advice for the visa:

A 3-month visa is available upon arrival for citizens of the European Union, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.


Mainly Arabic, lots of French and a good amount of English speakers in tourist areas.


Travelers who wish to stay in a more authentic place than in a western hotel might consider renting a riad. It is a traditional Moroccan house. Marrakech is a particularly good place to find beautiful riads for rent.

Marrakech is the third most attractive city in the world

Once upon a time capital of ancestral Morocco and one of the most important cultural and economic hubs of Africa, the city of Marrakech remains one of the best destinations in the world according to TripAdvisor. In its annual “Traveler’s choice awards”, the red city – as it’s nicknamed, has once again attracted travels and Internet users, placing it among the top destinations worldwide, trailing only behind the Turkish metropolis Istanbul and the city of London. After having been at the first place of the ranking in 2015, the city of Marrakech was overtaken by the British capital which has made an outstanding comeback – to put things in perspective, London ranked fifth last year.

Also in the same list, the cities of Paris ranked 4th followed by Siem Reap (5th), Prague (6th), Rome (7th), Hanoi (8th), New York (9th) and Bali (10th). Based on millions of travelers’ reviews, the TripAdvisor website ranks a number of 469 destinations from all over the globe. The winning destinations were chosen using an algorithm that takes into account the ratings of Internet users on the excellence of hotels services, tourist attractions and restaurants (including the quality of the local dishes).

Not a first for Marrakech!

This is not the first time that the red city claims a place among the most favorite tourist destinations online. In Fact, in 2014 and for the very first time, Marrakech occupied the first place in the annual ranking made by TripAdvisor, making it the most popular city in the world for travelers who uses the platform’s services. And by taking in consideration the elements that TripAdvisor uses to establish his ranking, it is safe to presume that the city has offered the best accommodation, cuisine, and tourist attraction as well as animations for its visitors that year.

Indeed, for the seventh edition of its Travelers’ Choice Awards, the famous site announced that the red city counted the highest ratings of Internet users in the areas of hospitality, catering, and attractions in comparison to other major cities in that list – this statement in itself is a proof of the success of the strategies aiming to optimize and reinforce the tourist infrastructure of Marrakech, adopted a few years ago by the local authorities, with the aim of making the red city one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

On a global scale.. In the second place was the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, followed by Istanbul. Other destinations in the Top 10 were Hanoi, Prague, London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Paris and finally the South African capital, Cape Town.

In the other hand and as further proof of the attractiveness of Morocco for foreign tourists, The Spanish agency Bloom Consulting in its ranking of the best tourist destinations in the world for the year 2014-2015, Morocco has claimed the third place on of podium – regarding African destinations. This ranking was based on the 328,680,000 online searches carried out by tourists in 2013, and the digital presence of countries on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus).

Morocco ranks 3rd in Africa just like the two years that preceded. South Africa was first in front of Egypt, which has backward because of political instability and civil unrests. Concerning the other countries of the Maghreb, Tunisia comes in the 7th position, while Algeria is far behind, in 26th position.

Morocco: a security oasis in the middle of a troubled region!

Morocco was able to successfully claim so many advanced positions within the leading global rankings thanks to the political will of making the city a global minaret when it comes to international travels and tourist destinations. Also, it is thanks to its political stability and the force of its security and intelligence services that the country was able to sustain its tourist offer, despite the tournaments and terrorist threats that face the entire region of MENA – the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, Morocco is still a safe country for French travelers – The French Secretary of Foreign Affairs has also placed the country among the safest destinations for travelers from France. In a new heatmap published by the group Quai d’Orsay on January the 12th of this year, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Turkey, and other areas of the world; France ranked countries by the degree of “security and safety” that they provide for foreign citizens. Only 40 destinations, including the kingdom of Morocco, was deemed safe and that they don’t pose any risk to tourists from France.

If they are not strongly advised against for the French tourist to visit, such as war-torn areas like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya… the French authorities call on their citizens to be more vigilant if they go to other parts of the Maghreb region (Algeria and Tunisia for instance). As for Turkey, a tourist destination par excellence, has been split by the French authorities into two parts: an area, close to Syria, where it is highly discouraged to travel – due to security concern and threats from terrorist organizations, and a safe western area that is open to tourism.

If this news delights the Moroccan officials, it has been the subject of controversy in the past. In the summer of 2014, following the creation of the Islamic State group (ISIS), the Quai d’Orsay had put Morocco in the yellow zone (increased vigilance). Following the indignant reactions of the kingdom, France subsequently attributed Morocco to the green zone, calling only its citizens to be vigilant to possible hostile acts against the citizens coming from the countries members of the coalition that’s currently fighting the radical group.

To summarize, Morocco and its main tourist attraction such as the city of Marrakech has proven, over time, its resilience and attractiveness as an A-list destination, worthy to be visited. The country comes with a load of the natural landscape, historical sites and millennials cities that allows travelers to experience a wide range of emotions. One of the most attractive destinations offered by the country is the southern regions with their sand dunes, Kasbah and breathtaking sunsets.


You are invited to discover the beautiful kingdom of Morocco and to let yourself submerged in its charm. Discover our desert and millennial cities tour!